About Us

We think a lot about what we put in our bodies, but we sometimes overlook the ingredients in the things we put on or around our bodies. In searching for natural, high quality bath and home products, Vic and I quickly realized that the easiest way to get fresh, clean, luxury bath and home goods was to make them ourselves. With real, wholesome ingredients. So we did just that!

We loved making them so much (and our friends seemed to love their homemade birthday, Christmas, housewarming, etc. gifts...) that we decided to share our natural bath and home products with more than just our parents and friends. That's where Summer & Rose 1920 was born.

We use all natural ingredients and we never use fillers or dyes. You're not going to find parabens, parahydroxybenzoates or anything ending in binary code in our products. The most complicated ingredient that you'll find on our labels is "Magnesium Sulfate USP (Heptahydrate)" which is Epsom Salt.

Speaking of ingredient labels, we label everything from our hand soaps to our soy candles. And we include every single ingredient - not just the active ones. 

All of our products are made in small batches and we never use preservatives. Everything you receive is fresh, clean and made to order.  Plus, everything you see here we use in our own homes and on our own bodies.

Here's to feeling clean, inside and out!