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Best handsoap

This soap feels so good on one’s hands and the scent is heavenly!

Very solid Candle

We recently got this candle and really like the scents. It's subtle but enough to fill the room, and so far has had a very long burn time! Will have to try some others.

Such a Beautiful way to keep memories Of Richie alive 💙

LOVE the scent off The Richie Candle

It’s a vacation in a candle

I have many Summer and Rose candles. While I love the intoxicating, rich scents of winter this candle immediately put me on a warm sandy beach, which was so relaxing! I love it!


I absolutely LOVE this scent. High quality ingredients that don’t dry out your hands; plus it has a clean fresh scent that feels like a spa.

Love it!

Smells and looks great! I love the jar and label. Such a nice tribute to a great person :)

Amazing Candle and Tribute

A beautiful candle in memory of a beautiful soul!

A wonderful fragrance and a wonderful memory!

The candle has a wonderful aroma and a nice wooden wick. It was made in memory of my nephew and makes me think of him every time I light I had to buy 3 of them!


I love scented candles and for years bought only one brand that proved to have the best long lasting, strong smelling aroma. After experiencing Cocoa & Campfire along with White Tea & Lavender, I now purchase candles from Summer & Rose 1920. I bought extra to give as gifts. Looking again at the label, they are made from soy wax, cleaner and longer burning. I like that.

I love it!

I bought myself the beach rose and stone candle and I absolutely love it! It smells so fresh and beautiful, not overpowering at all.

My favorite!

The eucalyptus and mint candle is my favorite. It’s the perfect candle to light when stressed and just need to relax!

Lavender + Rosewood
Michael Hirt

Lavender + Rosewood

My favorite scent.

Love them all but this is my favorite!

Match Sticks
Great purchase

The match sticks are not only a unique aesthetic to any bathroom but they would also make the perfect gift to go along with a candle. The strike patch worked so well on the bottle. They're so cute it's almost as if I don't want to use them up!

I love these candles !!

The candles burn beautifully and have a lovely glow and incredible fragrance.
There is no black smoke ever and the packaging is done so well for gift giving .
The BEST ! I burn them everyday

Love it!

This candle is so beautifully scented. It reminds me of camping as a kid. I love the scent and the larger size lasts quite a bit.

Gave as a gift!

This is my favorite of all of the great candle scents so I gave it as a gift! And I love the packaging which saves me from wrapping.

Peppermint + White Oak
Eleni Weisser
Love having this in every room!

Like in the title, I do have these spread all over my home now. The candle helps me relax and I look forward to the scent after a day of work.

Cocoa + Campfire
Eleni Weisser
Smells yummy

Always love this product. The crackling wick makes it feel like a real campfire. Love love love!

White Tea + Lavender
Eleni Weisser
Love this scent

This white tea/lavender scented candle is my absolute favorite! Period. The smell is absolutely delicious it makes your entire house smell good just one candle. Also love the crackling wick, super nice touch!

Lavender + Rosewood
Eleni Weisser
Great soap, doesn’t dry out skin!

I always buy this soap, it always smells nice, doesn’t dry my hands out. I always have an extra bottle in my linen closet.

Worth It

These candles burn even, last a long time, and smell great. They leave your room smelling good and clean without the "chemical" notes I get from some candles. Definitely buying again

Smells amazing!

I use this in my guest bath, guests love it! Would highly recommend!

Love them all

Beautiful candles that smell amazing! Thank you for making such and excellent product. Will purchase again!

Ylang Ylang + Eaglewood
Lauren Nelson

Smells amazing!! Can’t wait for my girlfriends to open their holiday gifts!